Черновые пометки делаются прямо на листе с заданиями, и они не оцениваются. What is more, they are released with only a few roubles in their pockets and a perspective of being unemployed. We would prefer buffet if it is possible. The death penalty is an appropriate punishment for murderers. Sometimes advertising may be entertaining and sometimes it may disgust us. And what do you do when you disagree with your parents about how you spend your free time? Not all people enjoy a 9-to-5 working day in an office.

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Of course, people ought to be responsible for their health and avoid bad habits or do sports.

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As for my plans for the summer, I am going to Italy with my friends. You asked me about hobbies which are popular with Russian teens. Задания на составление письма личного характера 12 1. Besides, музлаеова have more privacy and no one disturbs them while they are studying.

ЕГЭ Английский язык. Раздел «Письмо». Музланова

Do you play together? Additionally, computer games can be a valuable source of accidental learning that can be applied to school, home, and social events. How much money should I take?


Genetically modified foods have caused an enormous amount of debate, scientific discussion, and media coverage.

Главное внимание уделено двум заданиям: Fast food restaurants are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, especially among teenagers.

Write a letter to Jane.

Английский язык. Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ. «Письмо»

Online education is a growing industry, but is it a blessing or a curse? Finally, the pedals broke just as I was cycling at full speed. Известная колумнистка модного журнала Эбби Харт произвела фурор, появившись на престижном…. Computer games teach us nothing and young people should avoid them.

Mum wants me to help with the housework. What kind of things do you have to do? It would be nice if you could tell me what clothes are popular with teenagers in Russia.

Английский язык. Раздел «Письмо» на едином государственном экзамене. 10–11 классы

Lots of love, Emily Write a letter to Emily. I hope it all works out! Do you know any tricks?

If they are imprisoned, they can be released. What is more, parents give all their love and care to their only child.

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In conclusion, I strongly believe that being free to choose what to study is an effective form of education. A lot of parents believe that their children watch too much TV. Thanks a lot for your invitation.


What is more, modern technology made it possible to eliminate the bad effect of computers on our eyes. What hobbies are popular with teenagers in Russia? Тем не менее можно выделить несколько основных видов деловой переписки:.

However, most people think that zoos help музлановч species survive.

Английский язык, Раздел «Письмо» на едином государственном экзамене, Музланова Е.С.,

Yet some people consider prisons to be the most effective punishment for criminals. The kids in my class are very friendly. It helps me with my projects and I also use educational programmes.

Do you watch soaps? However, some people think that our world would be better without cars.